Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fitness Update (or lack thereof)

Its been almost one year since we made the venture across the country from the mid west to the south west.  My first thought about moving to nearly year round sunny skies (we've literally had like 10 days of rain or dust storms in a year but not to the point of not being able to go outside all day it was more like not going outside for 10 minutes) was that I would be skiiiiiny since I could workout outside and pretty much year round so then my inner cheapskate also kicked in - no more gym fees!

I was on a 4-5 day a week cardio circuit workout when we moved so I basically just switched to biking pulling those heavy kids behind or running.  It worked!  I was waking up around 5:30 to workout (I mean holy hell it was already 85 or so at that time!) and then napping later with the kids.  Well then I got a job in August.  The husband bought me an elliptical as a surprise so it can be easily accessible and obviously saved me money since I'm not joining a gym.  I maintained okay workouts a morning a week and on the weekends.  I went on the Gladiator Run and basically retired from working out.

9 pounds later....I'm back in the saddle again! (yes I seriously just did that)

My sister and BFF came down for a visit and we tried on some bridesmaid dresses.  And man was that depressing.  They were trying to say how bridal sizes are smaller, blah blah blah....nice try ladies.

I had to join a gym.  I mean not only am I feeling blobby and tired and gross but I have people I haven't seen in a year to see soon and well we are all judgmental whether you are lying to yourself or being truthful.

So I did it.  I joined Gold's Gym.  Its walkable/rideable from the house.  It takes three minutes to drive there.  I doubt its a mile.  They offer machines and classes every night.  They are 24 hours and staffed 24 hours (I need this, I'm still a small town girl at heart and there are WEIRDOS everywhere here).  I have no excuses.  Oh - they have daycare too.  Literally no excuses.

So far so good.  I'm not going daily.  I mean, I want to walk to work not hobble.
I've done the spin class (three times - I'm in LOVE with it), Pilate's (I own these DVD's?? Why am I doing them at the gym!? -that's my husband's voice when I tell him someday), yoga (What? that's not even a workout?-husband again), and body combat which is basically kickboxing.  All are great for me.  I'm just a group fitness person for some reason.

Hopefully I can stick to this and get my arse in gear and melt that back fat away!

What fitness struggles are you having lately?

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