Thursday, April 16, 2009


I was encouraged by a friend to start a blog for our family so I'll share pictures easier and keep everyone up to date. Thanks Katie!

Launa is now 2.5 and growing everyday. It amazes us some of the things her little personality has picked up and we don't know where she gets her attitude from but its apparent every minute of every day. She is definately all girl. Right now she's really into being outside and digging with the garden hoe which makes the dog jealous since he gets in trouble for digging holes. We had our first easter egg hunt and coloring experience both of which she enjoyed and for which we are grateful for having about 5 lbs of candy laying around at all times. I'm way too much of a fun of those reese's eggs to have them milling about.

Chad's going on his 9th year as a plumber and probably 8th year of complaining about it. I'm hoping he makes some sort of change soon to help his daily moods. I'm going on my 8th year of working as a legal assistant and am thinking of making some change in that regard but not sure where its headed.

We are all generally happy and healthy and thankful for what we've got in life in general.

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Katie said...

Wow, I'm flattered! Glad my peer pressure worked! ;)

Looking forward to many more entertaining posts!!!