Monday, February 15, 2010

Vacation 2010

Well we took our first family vacation [out of Iowa] and it was overall HORRIBLE....but we survived.

Our plan was to travel to Florida with Chad's family. Launa, my sister and I left with Chad's sister and her family on Monday with Chad and brother in law to follow Wednesday. We purchased a truck from ebay that the men were going to drive home so they were taking a few extra days for leisurely driving and sight seeing.

We started out delayed in the airport for 6 hours! With a 6, 5, and 3 year old. By the time we got on the plane all of our snacks and fun games were DONE. But Launa pulled through and had fun flying....[well most of the time but did have SOME sassy moments]

We arrived around 11pm, ate Subway, and went to bed. One day wasted. Awesome.

Day 2 we got the full affect of this BEAUTIFUL beach house we stayed at....

This is us on the beach looking back at the house that's how close it was. Although the first two days were rainy, windy and 50's....we went to the beach after all its vacation.

The next two days were sunny and great....however, the new truck we bought BROKE. IN FLORIDA. It was unfixable in the parking lot of the grocery store [although chad and our brother in law tried for HOURS]. Well we are waiting for the flatbed to bring it back to IOWA [awesome] so we can buy a NEW MOTOR [awesome]. Chad ended up riding home from FL with his parents and our brother in law in a VERY compact car with half of our stuff still in the back of the truck, which isn't here yet.
Our nice relaxing trip turned out to be EXPENSIVE [or will when we get the bill for the truck] but was a great relief from snow so I'm not complaining there. Hopefully things will start looking up soon and our next family vacation will be uneventful.

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Katie said...

Oh NO!!! The beach sounds great - even though it was cold! But the rest sounds awful. I hope you can get everything sorted out with the truck - did the seller disclose any problems or was that a big surprise??