Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I am officially 30 weeks along with 10 to go.  I had my doctor appointment today and the searing pain which I convinced myself is a hernia turns out to be normal muscle strains and pains that babies give you by pushing your liver into your ribcage and up into your boobs.  Launa never did this.  Another supporting fact for a baby boy.  The doc said that it should go away when the baby drops.  Another disappointing comment as I thought it was dropping already.  I'm on appointments every 2 weeks now as it nears but again the doc dropped a bombshell that I'm measuring on time with no forecast of missing the heat of July. Awesome.  I'm right at 20 pounds weight gain which isn't too shabby number-wise.

Launa remains the sassy-pants she is but is super excited to be a big sister to a baby girl.  She refuses to accept that a boy is a possibility.  We have redone her room to make room for baby crib and her new loft bed...which she refuses to sleep in still after 2 months.  Even when BFF Tina pretended to sleep up there with her last night..right after Tina left she got down into the crib/toddler bed.  I told Launa she has to sleep in the loft before the baby. She says no she has to sleep with her sister.  Awesome.

Hopefully it will all work out but at least we have two full months to cajole her into the loft somehow.  Mama is too fat to get up there with her...any takers?


Katie said...

Umm, yeah that constant pain really sucks. Only 70 more days to go!!! And 20 pounds?! Way to go you!!! I gained 50 with Rowan...oops.

and a big LOL about Launa!! :) We bribe Breck to sleep in his bed with candy "prizes" the next morning.

*Crystal* said...

Glad everythings going good! I'm 39 weeks and 4 days... any day now!