Friday, May 25, 2012

Review: Hilltop Restaraunt

Okay folks there are no pictures for this review because I was wrestling a 2 year old who refused to sit in his highchair or on anyone's lap but mine and a 5 year old who was stuck to my leg since she fell asleep on the ride to dinner and was in a GRUMPY mood when she woke up.

Hilltop is HUGE.  We had 16 in our party and I fully expected the staff to hate us because we took up the entire place.  Not the case.  I think there were at least 3 other parties of ten plus booths.  Friday is fish specials - four of them!  I got glazed talapia which was DELICIOSO, side salad with their house creamy Parmesan (which I thought could use a little more parm), fries (super crunchy and good), and garlic cheese bread (as thick as my face!).  The server was great on refills and getting exactly what we ordered, however it took forever to get her our check so we could check out.  Granted, they were busy, but we have a huge table so you'd think she would want to get others in there and plus we had two crack head kids running around like a playground towards the end (which I figured was better than me holding down one in the highchair like a prisoner).

Overall great experience - but mama needed a drink afterwards!


Stacie said...

Where is the Hilltop Restaurant at?

Reads, Rants, Raves and Reviews said...

East side of Des Moines, E29th and....some cross road :)