Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Book Review: The Daughter's Walk by Jane Kirkpatrick

I received this book directly from the publisher to read and review right after it went for sale.  Well, life got in the way and I just got done reading it, one year after its release.  I apologize to the publishing company because I think they wanted some publicity before it came out.

The Daughter's Walk by Jane Kirkpatrick

This book is about a TRUE story of the early 1900s when a mother and daughter walked across the country (literally walked) in order to display the new style dresses that showed women's ankles.  The did this not only for women's reform but also for the prize of $10,000 which was to save their family farm from foreclosure. 

The first half of the book is about their actual walking trip and the multiple people they met and issues they encountered.  The second half of the book is about how the daughter was forced to come of her own and make a life for herself without her family be her side.

Overall I didn't think this book had the greatest story line, but its a true story so you don't really embellish it too much!  The whole time I was wanting Clara to last out at her family for being so rude and hateful towards her and her mother upon the return for the trip but the times were different and reactions were those that I do not understand.  Overall it was a good story and a piece of history I didn't know, however not a book I would have chosen to read if I read the back cover and wanted a page turner.  I did find myself wondering if Clara would ever marry or see her family again but both were issues at the end of the book so I did become a bit more engrossed towards the end.

The book comes in used, new and Kindle versions via so check it out if it sounds like one you'd like to read!

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