Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Body After Baby, week #4

The holidays pretty much halted my working out and my diet.  DEAD STOP.  Not cool.  Though the scale didn't budge much I feel like complete poo from all of the overindulging.  If I don't see another frosted sugar cookie for two years I'll be fine with that.

On another note I found this great yoga workout that I am going to start trying to do in my office at work. This will give me at least 15 minutes of stretching and toning time 3 days a week if I stick to my plan.  I'm going to do it after I eat lunch and before any afternoon snack is allowed.  No stretch = no snack.  Check out the site Here.  I just clicked through the exercises one by one then added some wall push ups, squats, side bends, leg lifts, etc. to total 15 minutes in my office.  I shut the door and no one was the wiser.  Maybe this will help me feel not so guilty about not working out on MWF.  I need to kick my weekends up as that is where I seem to FAIL without....well fail. 

I'm not journaling my food anymore as I just don't have time and I can see it becoming an obsessive thing.  I think with the holidays behind us hopefully there won't be so much readily available to snack on.  I'm buying more fresh fruits to have on hand.  Lots of frozen veggies and cans and giving that a go.  So far today I've gotten my fruits and veggies in so that's great.

T minus 40 days until my 30th birthday party on the warm sunny beaches of Cancun!  I don't want to scare the locals with my swimsuit so we have to step it up!

Any suggestions for fitting in work out time in odd places (e.g. work) are helpful!


Samantha said...

ooohh happy soon birthday! :)

Hmm some ways to workout at work.... suck in your stomach in and out while sitting up straight at your chair. I've never done it, just heard about it. :)

WHile standing up do calf raises. Squats if you can. Drink lots of water while sitting down.

Thanks for sharing that link!

Keeley said...

Don't skip the snack even if you don't do your workout! I know it's just a snack, but it can mess up your metabolism and actually hinder you losing weight. Now and then would probably be ok, but if you're body is used to it I wouldn't skip it.