Friday, December 31, 2010

Netflix has been rockin'

Its been awhile since I updated you and what we've been watching from Netflix.  The Toy Story Trilogy is HUGE in our house right now so I'm not getting much tv time and we aren't shifting movies like normal.  Here's a low down of the latest ones.

A con artist and his girlfriend befriend a magazine photographer who takes pictures of lottery winners to try to scam them.  It was a good story line, however our DVD was very scratched and skipped around (you'll have that wayyy to often w/Netflix) so I'm not sure what we missed.  To be safe I'll say THREE STARS ***

Its described as a dark comedy and in the first five minutes on friend traps another into a freezer and starts crazily laughing about this horrid joke.  I almost fell asleep in this five minutes it was so horrendous. THANK GOODNESS Netflix got us again and we had a bad DVD and it started to skip. And NO WAY did I ask for a replacement to be shipped of this DOWNER.


Katie Holmes plays her strangest character yet. Its a story about a girl who has left her dysfunctional family and invites them to her run down apartment for Thanksgiving and her adventures in getting the meal planned.  Overall it wasn't that great of a story yet I managed to watch the entire thing because I wanted to know how it ended.  Would I watch it again? No.  Would I even watch it if I was paid to do so? Probably not.

This is a movie based on arranged marriages in the England countryside.  I normally do not like these types of movies but the story line was intriguing, filled with details that most women would not stand for in this century. I would definitely recommend this one.
**** FOUR STARS****

The bits and pieces I saw of this movie between bathtime, bedtime, snacktime, etc. was good.  The husband enjoyed it and Jason Statham is a cutie!

Who doesn't love shrek?
****FOUR STARS****


I loved reading Beverly Cleary books when I was little and this story of Ramona and Beezus was great.  There were definitely funny spots about the interactions of the older and younger sisters and the little lady in our house loved it.
****FOUR STARS****

I thought this would be an entertaining movie for Launa and to hear all kinds of music. WRONG.  I was asleep in 2 minutes-not sure about her but she definitely didn't want to watch it again.

Let me know of any good ones you've seen lately!

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Stacie said...

We watched Marmaduke and enjoyed it. We have had How to Train Your Dragon for like 2 weeks and hoping to get that watched this weekend!