Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Body after Baby - Food Journal Challenge

Last week’s Body After Baby Challenge was to daily log your food and cut out one thing.  I chose 2% milk (See previous post Here ).  I chose to cut down to lower fat milk but I’m also choosing to only have milk at dinner.  I’m publicly posting my food log below (YIKES).  This did help a ton as far as food choices since knowing others will see it may be a bit embarrassing. 
Weds Dec 8 to Weds Dec 15
24 oz Fat Free Vanilla Cappi from Q.T. (free with online survey woot woot!) – yes I know it was the HUGE size. But FREE. Couldn’t pass up.  So I opted for Fat Free.
2 pc whole wheat thin buns with PBJ.
 Peppermint Star Light Mints at work from the candy jar on MY DESK (Duh I know..but at least I got rid of the jelly beans right?) – 3
Reese’s PB Cup, snack size – I have no excuse for going into this woman’s office.  She wasn’t there.  Her candy bowl was whispering sweet nothings in my ear.  How could I resist?
Turkey, cheese, chipolte mayo (DELISH) on 2 whole wheat flat bread buns w/lettuce-side of baby carrots-
Diet Cherry Pepsi
Kashi Go Lean trail mix cookie
 Handful of caramel popcorn - that's a pre workout snack right?
 Shrimp Scampi (shrimp, noodles, olive oil, garlic), with 1/2 pc bread & evoo/garlic bread dip, milk
Total water: 50 oz.
Breakfast: Few pieces of peanut brittle.  SHUT IT.
Lunch: Eat out at Bears (for you locals its donedy).  Hot sausage sandwich, side salad w/house dressing, water, a few onion rings.
Kashi Trail Mix Cookie.
Spaghetti, 1 pc bread & butter, milk
peanut brittle.  (CRAP)
Total water: about 50 oz.
Breakfast:  2pc cinnamon raisin toast w/smart balance butter, hot chocolate
Lunch: spaghetti, mini corn bread loaf, water
 Peppermint Star Light Mints at work from the candy jar on MY DESK – 2
Diet Cherry Coke
Dinner: Biggest Loser weekly dinner with the ladies!  Tina hosted and made delicioso turkey meatloaf, potatoes & creamed peas, 2 glasses of hot apple cider & whiskey (DELISH)
Total water:  50 oz.
Breakfast: None.
Lunch:  Chips, cheese & salsa, water
Snack: peanut butter granola bar, 4 snack crackers
Dinner: shrimp scampi, milk
Carmel popcorn ....wayyyy to much.
Breakfast: fundraiser buffet for American Legion: biscuits & gravy, milk, oj, a little hash browns, a little scrambled eggs
Lunch:  ham patty on white bread, 3 cheese sticks w/marinara, jalapeno Cheetos, water
Dinner:  stove top stuffing, gravy, pork loin, milk
Peanut butter cookie.
Water: 40 oz.
Breakfast: 2 pc white toast w/smart butter & apple butter
Piece of peanut butter fudge.
Hot chocolate.
1 mint.
Snack: Fiber Bar.
Lunch: Leftovers-stuffing, gravy, pork, diet cherry coke
Snacks: 3 grapes (from edible arrangement delivered to office today)- Kashi cookie.
Dinner: Jalapeno chicken enchiladas x 2.5 with salsa, water
Snack: apple crisp w/strawberry ice cream- yummmmmmm
Water:  40oz.
Breakfast: dark chocolate cherry Quaker oats breakfast bar
Lunch: 2.5 jalapeno chicken enchiladas w/salsa Pepsi
Dinner: Biggest Loser Finale night!   Sister made Buffalo Chicken soup (DELISH), 3 pc bread with laughing cow, water, brownie
snacks: pc of peanut brittle
water:  80 oz (OMG thats a ton for me!)
The food journaling really kept me accountable as I was grabbing my little snacks during the day (e.g., peanut brittle pieces, mints, etc.).  I think cutting down on drinking my calories through milk and full fat sodas is going to make a large difference.  This was a GREAT challenge for the week and very insightful.
On another note I'm doing way better at working out this week.  I've managed to do something every single day, either gym time or Gazelle at home.  I've also hit a new milestone on the treadmill - 1.5 miles in 20 minutes and I'm not gasping for air either!  Loving it. 
Want to know more about joining Body after Baby?  Check out Mama Notes Here .
Tell me, do you keep a daily food diary regularly and is that what keeps you motivated?


Andrea said...

Great work building up your stamina, always great when you can tell your hard work is paying off. I have definitely found keeping track of everything I eat helps me to eat healthier and less.

bass family said...

You did awesome! Good job!

Melinda said...

yep, i journal each day.
i use spark people on my phone while i am out, but prefer

keeps me on track.
also, if i am having a day when i want to binge i will go ahead and put in all the good food i should be eating and stick to that.

signingcharity said...

Awesome job journaling. I would live to hear more about your Biggest Loser meals.

The Waughs said...

Biggest Loser night we've rotated between a bunch of us whose house we go to watch the show and that person is in charge of cooking a new healthy meal. My sister has a blog ( where she has posted several of our weeks meals and her weight loss journey also. Her laptop is down so its not current but there are plenty of past meals you can read about so check her out!

Tutus N' Trucks said...

Great job!! I journaled too this week and found that I am really OBSESSED with my calorie intake! hahaha I really like Myfitnesspal.

The biggest loser dinners with the ladies sounds like a fabulous idea. I might have to steal it for next season ;)