Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Body After Baby Challenge; week #2

I joined Body after Baby over at Mama's Notes and so am posting about our first challenge (other than just joining the group). 

Our first assignment was to cut out one thing and log your food for a week.   Our organizer suggested using My Fitness Pal, which I have done in the past and do love this site for calorie counting, but am just too lazy to do it on a daily basis.  I do, however log my fitness into my Daily Mile counter (on the right of my blog here) so you can see what I’m up to for workouts.  Become my friend on Daily Mile!  It’s a great motivator since we can see what each other are doing (or not doing some days….).

I’ve chosen to cut out my 2% milk for the week.  That’s right.  I said it. 

I am going to drink 1%, non fat, or water.  This may not seem like a big deal but between my 4 year old, hubby and myself we can easily go through a gallon of milk at dinner.  WE LOVE MILK what can I say?  I know it’s a HUGE amount of calories so I’m going to stick to the lower fat versions.  If we only have 2% in the fridge (hubby deplores anything less) then I will have water at dinner.  And I’m not a fan of water so this will be a HUGE challenge for me.

Because I never posted a photo on my first pre-baby body challenge I’ll give one of me in workout gear-oh with baby on board!  This is NOT PRETTY so don’t judge.  I didn’t plan on having a photo shoot but the 4 year old insisted.  And I didn’t want to miss working out due to fussy baby so I took him along for the ride! (which ps lulled him right to sleep so think about it ladies!)

Have a good one!

How do you incorporate kids and fitness? Any ideas for me?


Kim said...

Found you via your LIfe in a Day post. I dabble on ebay too, so came over to look for any post you might have. I'm working on a blog that is somewhat devoted to my reselling (mostly on ebay and craigslist)..check it out.

Samantha said...

Oh I LOVEEEE milk!! I Drink non fat though :) Great picture, that is too cute!

Crystal HW said...

I remember doing my workouts on my elliptical with my daughter wrapped on my back all the time! Great way to get her to sleep, adds weight to your workout, and keeps atleast one kid happy.

It can be very hard trying to find time to workout wehn the kids get older. My youngest is also 4, and it is harder now to find workout time than when she was little. Best of luck finding a solution that works for you. I often have to change up my time and routine to get them in...but they are worth it!

Katie said...

All this working out and eating right and you'll be smokin' the next time I see you! :) That's actually a genius idea to take him with you on your workout! My mom got me a jogging stroller, so that's one way to involve your kids, but that doesn't help you much during the winter! I also have the Biggest Loser workout dvd and Breck likes to do that with, he did back in spring when I actually did it!

Keep up the good work! And I hope you have a great Christmas!!