Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Dirt on Diapering

This week's topic for Health Child is diapering.  I considered cloth diapers for the environment and cost, but my husband was not willing to do any more duties when it came to poops, so we went disposable.  After all - I don't want him to miss out on that bonding opportunity (or I don't want to do all the work myself!)
Here are some diapering tips I have learned:
1.  Buy generic.  NEVER pay over about $.11 per diaper.  This is about the cost of Target brand diapers and we've never had a leaky issue - so why go name brand if  you can find them cheaper?  I personally never liked Huggies because they scoop down in the front which makes it easier for pee to escape and soak the clothes through the night.  And no one likes changing a diaper at 3am because you know baby thinks its time to wake up for the day after that and its not good for anyone.

2.  Diaper rash happens.  And hurts.  We've found that A&D ointment works best.  Its pricey but their little butts are worth it.  Also Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and even Mary Kay Satin Hands cream works well.  Try to keep your baby dry to avoid diaper rash.  If they do get it, give their bottoms some air time which helps it go away faster.

3.  Daddy uses the Kleenex up the nose trick to stay away from smells.  And its entertaining for the kids to see him look so RIDICULOUS too!

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