Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Picture this....

I was talking to my mom about going to an open house at my friend's salon (Anani) this Friday and then hitting Target (for Launa's last Christmas gift) when she asked to go with us.

Launa - Can I go?

Me - No.  Its an adult party because there will be wine.  No kids allowed (this is a BLATANT lie, no kids allowed at Target I mean).

Launa - Why do adults always like privacy without kids?  Is it because they are sooo annoying?

Me - Exactly.  But you aren't annoying, just other kids.


Stacie said...

Well, I was thinking that I found your blog from Jodi Junge's blog. Am I wrong? Jodi is a great friend of mine. She lives in the next town, her dtr is a friend of my dtrs and Jodi and I go to church together and are in a book club together. Of course all that was unnecessary if you really have no idea who Jodi is, but I was thinking you did. :)

Reads, Rants, Raves and Reviews said...

Yes! We are high school friends and I wish I saw her more! After I thought about where you were from I figured it was her :)