Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Movie Review: Tangled

I LOVE MY JOB and since it was Tuesday and work from home day I got my things done early and took the little lady to see Tangled this afternoon.  Well forgetting its winter break and Tuesday is combo deal day at the local theAter, the 450pm show was sold out.  SOLD OUT AT 450!  Off to Dahls we went for leisurely shopping and dinner at the deli (meatloaf dinner combo for $4 HECK YES).  We eventually go to the theAter and after a few brief driving games in the arcade we headed to our seats.  Along with everyone else who didn't make the 450 it looked like.  Seriously maybe 3 seats open.

On to the show...it was cute and funny and great.  A classic Disney cartoon that suits the entire family.  I and the 4 year old literally laughed out loud several times.  Definitely recommend seeing this one!

**** 4 STARS!

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