Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Feasting

Its a work at home day, where the snacking generally goes OC!  Its a little chilly and rainy here so the windows are open airing out this stink fest and I'm doing some major catch up at work with everyone off getting ready for the long weekend.  That being said, my kids slept until 7:30am!!  I had a slight panic when I woke up thinking they'd been abducted or something because that NEVER happens.  Both are runny nosed and coughing so that might have a little something to do with it.

My breakfast today consisted of a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats in 2% milk.

Approx. 272 calories

Next I drank a nice mug of hot tea and read some medical records until my eyes started to blurr!

Approx. 2 calories.

I have sort of a routine when I work at home.  Get through one "to do" on my list and then take a break to clean a room, play with a kid, fold some clothes, super exciting things.  This way I get a lot done at work and at home.  Do you work at home and have some kind of a routine or set schedule?
Of course I'm attempting to find a work at home position when we move but its proving to be more difficult than I thought.  I'll keep trying.  Perhaps I've been spoiled the last two years. :)

After working a few hours I decided to try a new class over lunch and went to my mom's work - Farm Bureau (they have FREE GYM to their employees! and guests) and I took a Tabata class.  Its basically circuit and was only 30 minutes but it was definitely HOT in there by the end.  A good quick workout for people over their lunch hour.  I'd do it every day if I worked there.

Approx. 266

My sister and I then decided to his Qdoba (COUPON of course!) and I went with the Pick 2 selection for a small cup of chicken tortilla soup and burrito bowl.  (Side note: I could eat a burrito bowl every day.  I LOVE them).

Approx 405 calories

What's next to them? TCBY? Why not!  I got a small bowl of vanilla and toffee crunch while we browsed Khols and bought nothing.  NOTHING. AT KOHLS! And we had a COUPON.

Approx 260 calories

We'd been planning a BIG family dinner for sometime so we are headed out to Hilltop tonight and I'm planning a restaurant review so I'll post later!  My sister and BIL have been raving about this place so let's hope it doesn't disappoint.

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