Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cooking Attempt #1

I've decided I need to step up my wifely duties and attempt to cook once in awhile for the family.  Okay cook beyond using the microwave.  I went to the new Trader Joe's with my sister and got the ingredients for BBQ Chicken Pizza.  How hard can it be with already made dough and left over chicken to use right?

First, I carmelized the onions [first time ever! Go Me!]

Next we rolled out the already made pizza dough onto our cookie sheet [hey we don't own a round pizza pan okay?] And YES we are using a breastpump bottle as our roller since we don't own one of those either.  Darn drawer clean out for the garage sale last year!

Top with sauce, onions, chicken and cheese.....

Pair with milk and a salad [since pizza and salad are one of my most favorite meals]...

And...DRY AS A BONE.  I think I used to much flour when rolling out the crust then not enough sauce.  The chef [aka Husband] said next time maybe coat the chicken in sauce and use sauce as the base.  Well the salad was good.


Better luck next time.


*Crystal* said...

You made a start and that's all that matters! Don't give up! :)

*Crystal* said...

Also I'd love to feature you on my blog sometime about your ebay business. Email me at karrcrystal@yahoo.com if you're interested!

Keeley said...

But it looks really good!