Monday, November 29, 2010

Craft/Vendor Fair Adventures

This year I attended a craft fair in Perry and represented our local consignment shop, Treasures & More, to spread the word about the new local business and show an array of items that can be found at the shop.  As you can see there is everything from children's clothes to toys to hand-crocheted stockings for Christmas to handmade jewelry, local musicians CD's, local author's books, etc.  Its a great place to find a little of everything I tell ya!

My mom also had a booth with her homemade baby quilts, place mats, and cloth covered photo keepsake albums.

The turn out wasn't hot, but I think we got the word out about the store and we weren't in the hole as far as sales go so that's always a plus!  Just wanted to give a shout out to the store and let you know to head on over there.  Click the link on their name above to check out their blog with some great items for sale!

Happy Bargain Hunting!
They have GREAT things for Christmas, even brand new items to check out at discounted prices.

Today's question:
Do you shop consignment shops? Why? What do you love/hate about them?  

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