Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday; Year #3

My sister and I have started a Black Friday tradition.  We scout the ads Thanksgiving night and make our game plan.  USUALLY we are shopping for the NEXT YEARS gifts since we are so frugal and shop all year long.  HUGE FAIL this year.  We'd both super slacked and pretty much had our entire list of gifts to buy.  Well we succeeded big time!  I have just one thing left to get (a tool box which I may leave up to the Hubbs since I don't know a good one from a cheap one and we all know I'd just go with the cheap one).  We hit up several stores and the crowds were NOT less as I was hoping with the economy right now.  Both sets of parents also got in on the action with a meat smoker for HALF PRICE at Bass Pro Shop so it was a family affair this year!  Here was our game plan:

3:30 a.m. - I picked GINGER up with a 25+ ounce hot chocolate in hand, debit card in my back pocket, cell in the front pocket (no purse for easier grab & go for me!)

3:45 a.m. - Arrive at Target.  See huge line wrapping around the building.  Decide Buzz Lightyear is not worth it.  Proceed to next store.

3:50 a.m. - Khols-They've been open now for 50 minutes so we didn't expect too much chaos.  What we saw was the end of the check outline immediately inside the door.  This is HUGE.  Its the entire length of Kohls and you know Kohls is huge.  There are 2 checkout lines this ginormous.  Darcy decides she has to get the pots and pans for her sis in law so I hop into line so she can hunt them down.  SCORE! There are still some left.  We then observe people checking out at the jewelry counter. They also have paper numbers.  Why? I peruse (While Darcy takes my place in line so we don't lose that).  Turns out if you are buying something from the case you can check out in jewelry.  Well...Darcy got a new watch.  We were out in 40 minutes.  If not for the new watch it would surely have taken 2+ hours.  I bought into the leggings fad while we were there - hey they were $6!!

Sears - We went for a specific item.  Found 2 left and decided to buy both.  While were in the SLOWEST checkout line ever I decided against it and we bailed.  At least we didn't buy cheap items just 'cause they were on sale right?!

Shoe Carnival - intended to buy snowboots.  Darcy also bout herself a few pairs of shoes......I stayed strong and didn't buy anything.

Target - MIRACLE Buzz Lightyear toy set still there!  Still huge checkout lines but I sneak right in and it works out great for us.

Starbucks - salty cappuccino. NASTY.  Fail.  Not on our list.

Office Depot -HUGE LINE of nerds buying computer supplies.  But I got what I wanted for my mama and babysitter.  Sorry can't reveal, they both read this.

Hy-Vee - $5.99 breakfast buffet!  They didn't have pancakes!?  Oh well it was a good/cheap meal and we met the parents there after their run to Bass Pro.

Gordmans - Didn't have what I was intending to buy but we scored with some $9 bedding sets; $8 dress for me; little cheapie things for Charlie Man, etc.

We got home around 11 and Darcy DIED on my couch for a much needed nap.

Next year hopefully I remember to take some pics of the masses.  Overall very successful!

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