Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Day

This year we spent Turkey Day with my family.  Usually we have to split up with the women at the dinning room table and the men on the couch in front of the TV since the dinning room table can't hold everyone.  This year we decided to all sit together - in the garage.  Hey at least we're eating together right?

Here are the kids with Great Grandpa.

And eating in the garage also leads to playing with Grandpa's tools and getting some greeeeasy fingers.

Overall it was a great Turkey Day!  We all split up what to bring and generally everyone sticks to their allotted items (my sister brought 7 dishes instead of 2!).  I brought my one assigned dish - mashed potatoes.  And they were even good!

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Keeley said...

Awww, man. I miss your Grandpa. He looks the same as ever though. Give him a big hug for me the next time you see him.