Monday, October 15, 2012

Gladiator Run

So I survived my run and I'm ALIVE!  I feel good about it but two hours after the race Saturday I wasn't feeling so hot.  I mean I was still on a high from actually accomplishing it but actually walking and moving my limbs was difficult to say the least.  Going to the bathroom was like an extra wall sit that I just didn't want to have to do.  Ya know?

Well this was my first obstacle course run so the sign up sheet stated it was 17 obstacles and a 7K run.  The thought of a 7K scared me to death so I began training and doing 2 miles and trying to work my way up from there.  Well I basically worked my way down and never went over 2 and in fact didn't exercise once the week before.   GRRREAAT IDEA.

We threw together some tutu's and cute socks and made a team out of it.  So the day started beautifully and actually a bit chilly, in the 60s.  We headed to Estrella Mountain Park and the setting was gorgeous with big hills and mountains all around. F that gorgeous setting.  That's why I couldn't walk!

After some stretching and lots of nervous dibbles (yes you heard me right) the countdown was on and we were off.

Obstacle #1:   A MOUNTAIN.  That's right.  Run about 2 miles up a mountain.  Awesome.  I was really regretting those screwdrivers and cigarettes the night before.

Obstacle #2:  Shimmy on your belly under a canopy made of rope.  Well thankfully someone had knocked this down so we just hopped over it.  At that point I may have just layed down for a rest and called it good after the huge hill so I'm thankful someone already took this down for me.

Obstacle #3: Tires.  Run through about 10 feet of tires.  Easy peeasy.

Obstacle #4:  Climb over a 6 foot wall, a 2 foot wall, then a 6 foot wall.

Obstacle #5:  Carry 40# sand bags for a short distance through sand.

Obstacle #6 and #7:  Go on your stomach through a moat of mud with barbed wire over it so you basically face plant in the mud and eat mud for 2 miles.

Obstacle #8: Polar Plunge:  Wade through waist high water (and go underneath two boards to get out so you HAVE to dunk your head).  This water was LITERALLY about 40 degrees. They were shouting don't stop, keep moving, you will be sick if you stop...a little intimidating to have them yelling that at you as you run up to hop in.

Obstacle #9:  Crawl in a culvert like tube with no light and full of mud and what smelled like the pig barn at the Iowa State Fair.

Obstacle #10: Climb into and out of a 8 foot dumpster (empty thank goodness!)

Obstacle #11: Climb into and out of a 12 foot dumpster (I chickened out on this one and just used my feet to crawl along the braces on the outside of the dumpster to get around it)

Obstacle #12:  Burpees with cinder blocks!

Obstacle #13: Cargo climb (that's me starting at the bottom!)

Obstacle #14:  Climb huge wall using rope.  (That's me in the background and this was VERY hard for me.  My arms are missing my Kosama workouts big time)

Obstacle #15 and final: Run through fire

Obstacles #16 and #17 must have been there but my mind is blank.  Maybe it was the running on different terrain since we did the huge rocks on the mountainside, pee gravel, sand, and asphalt during the trek? I'm not too sure.

Finally done and getting my chip cut off my shoes (thank goodness I wasn't expected to bend over to do it myself as I was shaking with exhaustion!). 

 This is our dirty selves afterwards and although it was one of the hardest things I've done, it was so awesome afterwards!  We hydrated with some water, a banana, and then of course went to get our free tshirts, metals, and free beers!  It was a great experience and although two days later I'm still walking like a freak and have some bloody knees it was well worth it!

Have you ever done a mud run? What was your favorite part?

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