Thursday, October 18, 2012

Book review: Fifty Shade of Grey

I read the ever so popular book Fifty Shades of Grey a couple of weeks ago and never posted about it. First, I had been hunting for the best deal between Amazon and EBay and thought I found the mother of all deals when I got the trilogy for $12. Turns out I bought the PDF TRILOGY. Yes the cheapskate in me printed out that 400 pg book in a PDF file to read it with a binder clip.

I wasn't asked to read it for blog purposes (it obviously needs no help with publicity or sales) but for a girl who loves a good Harlequin Romance novel the choice was obvious. I read this in a week.

For those if you who haven't succumbed to the hype the book is a romance novel about a very naive girl who meets and gets the whirlwind treatment from a very rich good looking, young entrepreneur, although his business is never really clear.

Mr. Grey is a straight forward yet complicated guy who is basically every woman's eye candy, charm, and obsession, yet is single and often mistaken for gay. His attraction and magnetism basically force Anastasia into going against all of her normal judgments to begin a "friendship" with Mr. Grey. I found myself questioning her rational yet cheering her o and wanting her to participate and enjoy it, yet hating him for doing it. As I read the book it's as if I am Anastasia and I am living it. I am just as googely eyes and drooling over Mr. Grey as Anastasia is in the book.

I won't say too many details but if you love a good love story, but not lovey dovey, sweetie schnookums types, and intense reading and definitely losing sleep over them books this is for you.

I am in the midst of printing my second PDF to continue the obsession and fantasies.


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Keeley said...

I read all 3 in about a week!

They do get very 'old' and repetive. It's the same thing over and over and over...
Have you read the Twilight series? It's a lot like that (as it is supposed to be I guess since it started as Twilight fan fiction).

BUT, I will say this; I loved the books! I'm not a very discriminating reader. lol