Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Book Review: The Pelican Brief by John Grisham

I've had this book to read for awhile but I held off hoping to forget the movie plot because as all good book readers know the movie is always horrible compared to the book.

The story is one of a law student who is having an affair with her professor. The professor is a good friend to a Federal attorney and obsessed with a certain Supreme Court Justice. The mystery begins when two Justices are murdered, the law student briefs her assumptions on who did it, and the professor is murdered shortly after forwarding said brief to the FBI. The story takes you through her survival and friendship with a reporter who wants the story of his lifetime.

The book was a fast and non-predictable read. I certainly didn't picture the main character to look like Julia Roberts but am hopeful to watch it again to see how well they played out Grisham's story. I tired to find it on Netflix streaming, but of course it's not old enough apparently and like most movies I want to see they don't have it (but that's a whole other post).

Overall, a great and fast read, like most of his books. Definitely a must read.

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