Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This year I came across the opportunity at church to volunteer at a homeless shelter the weekend after Thanksgiving so decided it was one of those "things" we have always discussed doing but never did. So Launa and I loaded up at 6:15 am and instead of shopping this year we headed out to hand out food and clothes to those in need.

It was a great and moving experience and I would love to go help again. There were actually so many volunteers that I didn't actually have a spot on the serving line to help but instead assisted older folks carrying theories food or wrapping leftovers and getting bags loaded up with warm clothes for the winter.

So many of these people pulled nice leather Bibles and cases from their duffle bags or WalMart sacks it was incredible. They seemed to have such faith and knew every song without reading the cheat sheets. I was very impressed.

Launa spent her time playing with some of the kids in the dirt but I think just seeing these folks was good for her. Of course afterwards she just said these people should just explain that they don't have any money and ask someone for help to buy a house. If only that many rich people would do that......Launa was also kind enough to point out how aromatic some of the folks were....

Overall great experience that I hope we can be part of again. Here is a picture of the festivities (Launa and I are in the background)

HAVE YOU EVER VOLUNTEERED SOMEWHERE? Tell us about your causes that we can help too!

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