Monday, November 26, 2012

Review: Kingman, Arizona and Dambar Steakhouse

The other weekend we got a call that our good friends were making the cross country move from Iowa to California so we planned to meet them as they were coming through our Arizona territory and that happened to be three hours away in Kingman. Thanks to grandma and grandpa we made this an extended date night and went at it alone.

We had a pleasant day drive through the mountains and lots of small towns with great scenery when we located the hotel without any car issues or small disasters (this is short of a miracle for us). Our friends, getting about EIGHT miles to the gallon were still a couple of hours out so we used the trusty net of the inter to find a good place to eat. We found:: Dambar Steakhouse.

The name comes from a conversation between and a husband and a wife that went something like- You are NOT buying that DAMN BAR! So funny!

Well the drink menu was enticing so we went with the two girliest things -- pear margarita for her and Kingman Cooler for him. The Cooler was definitely the better choice. Next we had to try the blooming onion appetizer (I mean a couple who doesn't pass gas in front of each other just HAS to eat friend onions before staying in a hotel right?). It was as good as Outback. I tried the side salad ( Ranch was homemade heaven) and we split the fish and chips (more fried food.....why not?). Everything was awesome! The fish was super crispy, great tartar sauce and the waitress was great. Atmosphere was western with old farm decor around and it was just super cute. We WILL be back if weever drive that way again.

Our friends arrived right when we finished stuffing our faces and we hung out in the room bonding and talking. It was a great time but the ride home was VERY unpleasant for me and we did make some pit stops on the side of the road. If you look closely you can see my head poking out from behind some bushes.

The pictures aren't in order since I'm inept on the IPad so use your imagination.

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