Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to Make a Game of your Shoe Clutter with the Kids!

Our shoes are TAKING OVER.  And I noted that Little Lady has a TON so we made up this game which she really did enjoy so I thought I'd share because we all need ideas to entertain the kids,
especially busy body FOUR year olds. 

First, put all shoes in a designated basket.

Let the kids play "matching" with them so you know there are pairs or any missing ones.

Ask them to be lined up with their match and in categories
(boots, sandals, dressy, etc.)
(you can see this instruction was ignored)

Try on all shoes.  Deem them "Keepers" and put back in box.
Deem them "Sell or Give" and set aside. 

Try not to FAIL like we did and only get ride of one pair.  ONE PAIR! 
And THE BEST pair she absolutely loves don't fit anymore. 
(Don't worry Santa has come to the rescue with new pink boots) 

Do you have any helpful hints for getting the kids help to declutter or get rid of their clothes, shoes, toys? 
I'd love any ideas!

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Stacie said...

Frankly, I do it while they are at school! :) No input is so much better! But if you must make them part of it, make three piles, keep, give away, throw away. For every keep, there has to be a give away/throw away or whatever ratio you want to use. Good luck! This is our plan this weekend to prepare for the onslaught of new Christmas gifts!