Thursday, November 18, 2010

This fine Thursday...

Here's a low down of our day....

I was awaken at 4:30 by Little Man but after a diaper change and hogging down a few ounces of milk he freshly went back to sleep until 7:30!  We NEVER sleep that late so rushed to get to preschool by 8:30 after breakfast, pumping, getting dressed, etc.  My papa helped get my car to the local car repair place for an oil change this morning and then we decided to head to breakfast.  After all this is my work from home day so I get to make my own schedule!  Woot Woot!  Well there a whole THREE Options in our town for breakfast: Caseys, Kum and Go, or Subway.  We opted for the obvious choice: Subway.  I decided to do the healthiest thing I could find: wheat muffin with Western Omlet (egg white, onions, peppers, tomato and a little mayo).  Sans drink since I hate coffee and the other option was soda for breakfast.  Pretty tasty sammy!

The rest of the morning I worked while Little Lady was at school.  Then we had to drive my dad to the doctor since he isn't supposed to be driving after shoulder replacement surgery and he was likely to be sore after the doctor moves it all around at the appointment.  So....we ate in the car.

I brought my own water to save some calories on the soda.  However, grandpa got a strawberry malt...and while he was in the doctor.....lets say I NEED TO WORK OUT.

We went home and worked some more.  Prepared for a craft show Saturday.  Ate dinner. 

The husband tried to doctor the Hamburger Helper up but its just not good. EVER.  I told him to stop buying it to try.  I'd rather just eat cereal.

The we did baths and I put on the Jungle Book and finished working.

Overall a blah day and night.  I'm going to attempt to workout still if I get done working at a decent time. Otherwise I'll have to do double tomorrow night. 

Imagine if my life was a reality show?  BORING.  We'd be cancelled after the first episode.

On a SWEET note.  We booked a KID FREE vacation in February and I'm stoked!

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