Friday, November 19, 2010

Field Trip Fun

This last week preschool went on the second field trip of the year to a local creamery in Granger, Iowa called Picket Fence.  It was on a small 80 head cow farm about 25 minutes from our house. It was great to be able to show the kids something like this and still be close.

We learned about the different names of the cows and what an electrical fence is.

We got to pet baby cows.

Taste chocolate milk AND vanilla ice cream.

Which lead to...

Purchasing Very Berry Ice Cream.  This little gem was only $5 and has an ingredient list that you can pronounce and probably already have in your cupboards as we speak.  The vanilla was DELISH so I'm sure this will ROCK.  Of course Little Lady wouldn't agree to buy the vanilla -she wanted pink ice cream.

The little store has TONS of organic products from local Iowa farmers such as meats (beef, chicken, rabbit, etc.), wines, salsas, eggs, milk, ice cream, and even some crafty type items.  It was a neat little story and I'd recommend checking it out.  They are having an open house with a Santa cow for pictures with the kids this Sunday if any of you locals want to hit it up!

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