Monday, November 22, 2010

Its all about Me on Monday!

Thanks to GINGER for our latest getting to know me Monday edition!

If I were a poptart... I'd be strawberry with sprinkles on top, eat cold, no toaster for me!

If I were a song... I'd hope Launa would sing me and make up her silly words.

If I were a movie... I'd be Baby.  Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

If I were a tree... I'd grow straight and have perfect branches where my owner never has to trim me or regret not staking it better when she first planted it (e.g., the one in my backyard that I look at every day is NOT like this)

If I were a salad... I'd be a BLT salad from Maxies

If I were a chocolate bar... I'd be a frozen butterfinger

If I were a color... I'd be white, 'cause no one uses the white one so you'd never get broken or used up.

If I were a season... I'd be summer and super hot and sunny!

If I were a beverage... I'd be ice cold water. Everyone loves that.

If I were a journalist... I'd be fired.

If I were a hockey team... I'd totally get into as many fights as possible - to hide my crappy hockey playing skills.

If I were shampoo... I'd straighten your hair like never before so you never have to use a straightener again.

If I were lotion... I'd moisturize even my skin!

If I were a font... I'd be BOLD.

If I were a hymn... Amazing Grace. Via bagpipe. LOVE.

If I were a cartoon character... I'd be whoever could kill Spongebob.  DESPISE.

If I were a sweater... I'd be winter white and v neck.  And repels stains.

If I were a food... I'd be Mexican cheese dip; but not fattening; but with the same delicioso taste.

If I were a berry... I'd be a blueberry.

If I were a perfume... something my husband finally can like.

If I were a car... a FREE Acura SUV.

If I were a children’s book... I'd be Goodnight Moon.  It makes all kids smile.

If I were a dessert... I'd be fruit cake.  So no one would eat me.

If I were a sport... I'd be softball.  Its at least exciting to watch.

If I were an egg... I'd be over easy and super gooey

If I were a place... I'd be a FREE tropical place.  (ok I like free stuff!)

If I were a sandwich... I'd be Turkey Tom from Jimmy Johns, add onions, add Kettle BBQ chips on it.

If I were ice cream... I'd be vanilla, with strawberries, with sprinkles, and caramel sauce, preferably hot.

If I were a Muppet... I'd be the murdering Muppet.  (PS.  I watched the Muppets take Manhattan today.  Did you ever remember their voices being so annoying!!! I can't take it.  I hate Muppets as a grownup).

If I were a dress... I'd be a super flattering and for every occasion.

If I were a Pez flavor... pink.

If I were a Pez dispenser... I'd be a bunny.

If I were natural disaster... I'd be a drought.  I hate all other weather patterns.

If I were an accent... Spanish.

If I were a potato chip... I'd be sour cream and onion.

If I were a fictional detective... I'd be Nancy Drew(since I already am!)

If I were a Starbucks drink... I'd be white chocolate mocha

If I were a book... I'd be one that made you cry and laugh and give out as a gift.

If I were a building... I'd be elevatorless.

If I were a lake... I'd be clear and beautiful with lots of snorkeling places.

If I were a store... I'd take double coupons everyday!

If I were footwear... I'd be super comfy heels.

If I were a flower... I'd never die.

If I were a holiday... I'd be Christmas because it brings all kinds of smiles.

If I were a painting... I'd be huge with a gold frame and fit over the king size bed as a headboard.

If I were a TV show... I'd be boring.

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