Tuesday, October 30, 2012


My sister and BIL have been in town for the last week so I haven't had much time or ambition to blog. Our week was filled to the brim so here are some pics from it.

The first day the sister, kids and I had a lunch date at Sweet Tomatoes salad buffet. It was awesome and we tried everything we could. They had a pool party during the day. For dinner we hung on the back patio then the unemployed went to a bar. (That's not me:( )

The next night we headed to Brazillian steakhouse Fogo de Chao for dinner and after their pool party. It's indescribable and if you have a chance you should go. We followed up with some Trader Joes and pretty much died into food coma for the night.

Friday was Launas school Halloween party then some ladies from work came over and we chatted and ate. Saturday we started off with a hike then got on a Halloween bar crawl bus for the night. It was fun but made Sunday very unproductive.

The boys had a sports bar day so we had a birthday celebration at, you guessed it, Golden Corral! She loves her new shoes too!

Monday was park and NFL day and despite the crazy price of tickets Darcy and Chris seemed to have had fun.

It was a great visit but its going to take the rest of the week to recover!

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