Thursday, September 16, 2010


Last week was Launa's first day of preschool and she is full of DRAMA as all little girls are.  She wanted to quit on day 2 because she apologized to a girl for stepping on her fingers but the girl didn't apologize back.  I had to explain that it wasn't necessary and she was still so upset the next morning I had to drag her there.

Overall she loves it!  She has learned to write her name already but has to see it to have sort of a template first. She is doing a few letters without seeing them written by someone else (e.g., L) and learning all sorts of silly songs (hokey pokey) and will start Kindermusic here next week so probably will have some sort of LOUD instrument to bring home.  Overall its a nice break for mama and she's getting great socialization and learning tons.  Loving it.

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