Monday, September 20, 2010

Movie Reviews

Chad is out of town this week so I foresee some romance movies in my future, but these are what we've watched through Netflix lately and my thoughts on them.

The Kindness of Strangers:   This was a movie about a couple who just had twins and how the mother is stressed and needs some help.  The person who helps turns out to be a crazy woman and does some freakish things.  The movie was kind of slow and I really didn't like the ending - thought it left us hanging and we don't really know what happened to the "nanny".  ** stars.

Whip It - A movie about your typical suburban teenage girl who is leaving to please her mother and rebels to become a roller derby girl.  I thought this was a great movie - my 3 year old even watched most of it with me as she was fascinated with the rollerskating. ****

Repo Men - A movie about the futuristic market for organs.  People can buy these mechanical organs if they are sick, etc. but these men are in charge of "reclaiming" said organs if and when payment is not made.  There is a lot of blood and guts but I can see this happening in the future.  ****

Happy Go Lucky - The description said this was going to be a romance/love story.  I didn't make it past 30 minutes and the laundry was more enticing than the movie.  I shut it off early.  *

Cop Out - Bruce Willis (yummmmmmm) portrays a cop who needs to find a valuable baseball card to pay for his daughters wedding.  This was more of a comedy than I expected and a very cute storyline.  ****

All About Steve - very cute movie about a stalker-ish type woman who travels around after a man after just one date.  Sandra Bullock was great in it. ****

Wow!  We've watched a lot lately, that's what happens when you are parents of 2 and have no life.

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