Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Green Book, Chapter 3: Travel

Earth friendly and frugal tips from The Green Book when you are traveling include:

#1 - Use the same towels and linens for your entire stay at the hotel.  You don't wash your towels at home daily do you?  Save the hotel and the earth some water!
#2 - When you are away adjust your thermostat for your season - 55 if its cold out, 85 if its warm out.  You will prevent the water pipes from freezing and your bill from climbing to heat or cool a home that nobody is at for a week.

#3 - Turn off your hotel lights when you leave.  You do it at home too why not there?  75% of lights use in hotel rooms are when the bathroom lights are left on for more than two hours - MOST OF THE TIME UNOCCUPIED.  Just because you don't pay the bill it doesn't make it right.


P.S.  I've decided to give away a my copy of The Green Book (reuse it!) after I post my review about the entire thing.  You will get a chance to enter every chapter posting and then I will do a random drawing using and announce the winner.  To enter this week you all you have to do is make a comment on this post asking to be entered into the drawing for the book.

Good Luck!

The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time

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