Thursday, January 13, 2011


Guess what?! I've been approached by the wonderful CSN to do a giveaway in the very near future.  What will I chose to review: barstools, kitchen items, baby items, decore, items to help with my exercise goals...oh the choices!  Stay tuned! ('Cause I really don't know yet!)

I've been upping my workout regimen as my birthday celebration in CANCUN nears and the loom and doom of the swimsuit stare me in the face.  I've been attempting to do SOMETHING every night, even if its 10 minutes on the Tony Little Gazelle.  I rarely sweat on the gazelle but its better than morfing into the couch like I want to (or so I'm told). 

I borrowed my mom's Body Bugg to test it out and its a miracle and I see how it can be addicting!  I burned about 2,600 calories yesterday!  This is amazing to me since My Fitness Pal (the free site) only lets me log my activity whereas the Body Bugg counts daily calorie burn, like cleaning the kitchen counted!  I foresee the BB becoming a very addicting device and I really WANT ONE OF MY OWN.  I think this will help me be more accountable for foods (their food journal has name brand this with calories already inputted, etc.) and will help me to see my activity (or lack thereof).  There is this neat little bar graph that shows the spikes when are doing things and the flat line showing your laziness. 

In the very near future I'm going to be testing out Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred DVD program and will substitute that for a few days of Gazelle at home.  I continue to hit the gym as I can (I've told a little white lie and told the 4 year old the gym is now kid free because I'm tired of the daycare not watching her and her coming in and interrupting classes going on).   I hit the gym with my sister last week which was great motivation because she was trying to get more miles than me in our allotted amount of time and you know neither of us likes to lose.  Great motivator! 

I haven't formally lost any LBS yet but my sister and mom are both down double digits! Way to go!

How are your fitness goals going for 2011? 

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