Friday, January 14, 2011

Why !?

Everyone at work has been looking at me strangely.  I thought it was because I'm actually wearing jewelry, did my hair, did my makeup, I look good right?  I decided to pop into the bathroom just to be sure I didn't have something on my face or perhaps my gray eyeshadow is crazy looking or face is fine.

My zipper was not.

Too bad I'm not Fergaliscious....

She's still hot with her zipper down. 

I have blaring hot pink panties on with black pants.  I've been working since 7:30am.  Its near 11:00 am.  I don't just sit at my desk I've been up coping, filing, etc.


Have you had a work wardrobe blubber? Do share and make me feel better!

1 comment:

Jodi Junge said...

Heehee, this made me giggle