Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oil Pulling

I saw the black charcoal teeth whitening thing on Facebook the other day and was about to try it when I found out that the coconut oil I'm now using as body lotion (yes ....it's doing wonders for my eczema) and a hair conditioner (shines and strengthens) may also help with my smile! 

I have read up on oil pulling and gave it a whirl tonight.  One tablespoon 

And twenty minutes of swishing the it back and forth between my teeth (not gargling like mouthwash)

And wallah my teeth feel shiny and clean even without brushing. 
Not to mention piling is supposed to detoxify your body, help more with eczema, sinusitis, energy, and tons of other benefits.  I'm going to stick it out for a bit and will let you know how it goes or what I notice.  

Helpful hint: don't spit it down the drain after you're done, it can harden and hurt your plumbing.  Oh you can cook with it too!  I haven't even done that yet! 

Any readers ever tried this? What did you notice was improved or not changed at all. 

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