Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Salsa fest

We attended the Salsa Fest a couple of weeks ago here in Phoenix and it was a good time.  Much better than BBQ fest.  The weather was perfectly 80s and sunny but a bit windy.  We arrived right after the 10 am opening and the place was divided between sample booths and purchase stands.

We obtained our sampling tray complete with holes for carrying the salsa samples you grab from one of at least 50 stands I'm guessing.  Of course small chip bags were around for free. 

It didn't take long to load up. 

We walked and sampled and margarita'd for awhile until we hit the kids section. 

This was $2 per kid but there were four jumping things set up plus a rock wall and it was UNLIMITED time so eventually one parent was there monitoring while the other got more samples (me) or margaritas (him).  We stayed here for over an hour until the kids were so red it looked like a heat stroke was coming. 

It was a fun time and the best fest yet since we have been sampling them! 
The kids got along great too!

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