Tuesday, November 6, 2012

To Multi or not?

In reading a Fitness magazine article tonight I found some great information about your multivitamins and think it's worthy to pass along, especially with this impending nation wide healthcare, you'll likely want to (or be forced to) avoid the doctor altogether.

The top brands for actually containing the nutrients listed on the label were your major store brands from Target, Wal-Mart and Rite Aid. Being cheap has paid off frugalistas!

Great bonuses of taking your multi daily:
1-curbs your appetite when cutting calories
2-keeps energy up (be sure your multi has iron because some do not)
3-lowers heart disease risks
4-may cancel out the risk associated with alcohol and breast cancer (B vitamins in alcohol have tumor growth triggers and your multi can cancel that out)
5-promotes healthy ovulation so younger pregnant easier! (may jot always be ideal though ;) )

The your multi after a meal, it absorbs better. Your bottles will expire after a year so keep it in a darker cooler place as well to prolong if your are going for the big budget friendly jar.

I hope these were helpful tips for you!

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