Sunday, November 11, 2012

DIY: outdoor toys organizer

Remember my DIY posts with some hints for you to guess? One is mostly done!

If you have a pool you know that the incessant toys, floaties, and other pool must haves are total space suckers on the pool patio. My great husband has been working on a solution to that problem as well as our lack of tuneage while swimming.

He created a box long enough for full lay down floaties that also houses speakers and has been wired to the garage stereo. It's awesome!

The project is around $250 total supplies and free labor of course. A store bought plastic box is shorter, plastic and generic looking. We figured we would have needed two of the $250 store bought ones to come up with the same space for toys and the still had a music issue to resolve. Overall saved money and added some detail to the back yard.

I think he did great!

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