Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to save at groceries- shop the ads!

The biggest and easiest way to save money is to invest an hour of your time into the weekly ads. First, write down what you want from the weekly good deals at each store. Second, I compare my lists to determine who truly has the best deal on milk, fruit, etc. and then make my plan on which stores to get to for sure and which I want to but we can do without if it doesn't fit into the schedule. I carry my list with me all week and try to hit a store if I am already near it. Now that we live in the heat and right in the center of town I try not to make a special trip just for groceries. Save gas and money if I can. This week I wanted to hit a lot of stores so made it a special trip.

Tonight Launa and I went out loaded with our grocery list of sale items and we mostly stuck with it.

We started with the farthest distance store with freezer bags and reuseables in hand. Our deals at Albertsons were buy one get TWO FREE chicken breasts, $.75per pound grapes and 2 for $3 carrots. We put the juice back because it wasn't the $.99 bottles so over all total--$17.77.

Next we headed to Bashas and got three containers of strawberries at $.88 each plus the Nutella Launa keeps requesting.

Walgreens was out of my ink cartridges and said it takes 30 minutes to refill so we scooted because there is cold chicken in freezer bags in 100 degree cars whose air conditioning decides it won't work sometimes.

Fry's was next with $1 eggs, gallons of milk at 3 for $5 so you know we got all three, and water softener pellets since that is now up and running ( my skin is rejoicing just thinking about my shower tomorrow).

Overall we got the cupboard staples and cheap fruit ( which gets frozen when it's on the brink to save to use for smoothies).

As my sister says- if you fail to plan you plan to fail!

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