Monday, July 23, 2012

Amazon Deals

Amazon has some great promotions right now and I have been browsing the site for an hour or so and thought I should make that time worth something so am passing it on to you deal seekers!

Have you ever considered back to school shopping on Amazon? There are some great deals, or ways for you to help the grand kids without leaving your house and shipping those great college deals to them directly! Some things are cheaper even including shipping so just a suggestion to check them out, especially for the larger items like coffee markers and computers.  They are advertising up to 25% off college essentials.  Deals through 9/30/12.

Lots of summer savings deals on patio sets, grills, and more through 8/30/12.

Pet savings through 8/12/12.

The pictures below will take you directly to category of deals you may need!

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