Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Movie Review: A Big Year

We DVR'd this movie the other night and it was so HORRENDOUS I thought I would warn the rest of you DO NOT WATCH IT!!!  With those three comedians, Jack Black, Steve Martin and Owen Wilson, you'd think there would be some hilarious parts.  Or even funny parts.  Or even parts that might make you smile.  Well - there aren't.

The entire movie is about three men who want to have "The Big Year" with bird watching (for those of you who are not bird watching connoisseurs that means seeing the most different species you can in one year, namely beating the record of Owen Wilson's character).  We knew what this would be about and having zero interest in bird watching still figured it would be funny or at least intriguing.  NOPE.  Perhaps there are funny parts but maybe you have to be an avid bird watcher?  Other sites I've read for reviews indicate some funny scenes where Black falls of a rock, has to ride a bike, etc.  None of those scenes are memorable or even made me crack a smile.  I resorted to reading my book while looking up at the TV every 15 minutes or so just to confirm that I was still bored and uninterested.

Please - don't waste your time like we did!!

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