Wednesday, July 25, 2012

For the good of the kids....

I belong to an email list from Healthy Child Network and here are a few things this month they'd like to point out which I find interesting and for my mama readers to now (and others if you like):

**Chemical Safety:

     For the first time there is a vote in the Senate about the Safe Chemicals Act about implementing safe federal policies to keep us and our children away from harmful chemicals.  Contact your representative
here if you want to let them know to support it.

   As a result of Health Child Network's campaign Graco has committed to banning four of the most toxic chemical flame retardants from all of their products so these emails do make a difference.  If you have two minutes please send it out.

**Childhood obesity

   Healthy Child Healthy World has teamed up with Fresh Healthy Vending to make healthy snacking easier across the nation and you can win a health vending machine for your child's school by simply emailing your story about why your child's school should win to :

These are just some interesting things I read about today so thought I'd pass it on! 

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