Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's in your Lunch Box?

As most of you are, I'm in a new year weight loss challenge/exercise mode/want to eat muffin tops not wear muffin tops mode so I'm trying to pack healthy lunches.  I think sharing my lunches with you
(on random days - you know I can't commit to daily, every other, etc...that always leads to failure on my part)
 will help me to get new creative ideas and maybe even share some of mine with you (ha I know my sister has possibly peed herself thinking of my lunches as creative).

Breakfast:  Wellness Hot Tea, Chiobani Mango yogurt with fresh kiwi
        (NASTY - I choked this down and I will not buy this flavor me some fresh mango but not
         this for some reason)

Snack 1 - 3 pieces of deli ham
Snack 2 - about 10 baby carrots
Snack 3- Target brand multi seed flat bread crackers with Laughing Cow Garden Vegetable Spread
Snack 3 (if I need it) - Special K 100 calorie strawberry crisps bars
Diet Pepsi, Water, Spark energy drink

I went with the lots of little stuff and snacks option today since I didn't have anything prepared for lunches/breakfasts other than Tupperware with yogurts and fruits in them.

So, what's in your lunch box today?

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