Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Healthy Child Blogger Topics

This week's topics from Healthy Child include some that are ones I'd like to write about and point out some great articles to you fellow moms.

Green Books

Healthy Blogger wants some green reading recommendations.  You may recall my weekly posts after I thriftily (is that a word?) picked up The Green Book.  Refresh your recollection by reading my recap and most favorite green tips which are SUPER EASY.

Oh...just thought of a new one for you!  I recently read a blog post about a mom NOT USING LAUNDRY DETERGENT!  What!  In an effort to see if this really works I have reduced my liquid soap to just enough to fill the bottom line of the cup, I'm thinking 1/4 cup or even less.  This is super extending the life of my soap and seems to be washing the clothes with the same ability as before.  I haven't shared this with the husband and I haven't gotten one complaint yet! (PS - don't tell him if you know him).  I'm also extending my fabric softener by filling the cap of the softener 1/2 fabric softener and 1/2 water.  The clothes still smell delicious and I'm using my softener twice as long.  TRY IT!

Check out Healthy Child for more green reading recommendations and to see MOI as a blogger of the week!

Natural Energy Boosts:

Of course I need an an energy boost now and again - I am a working mother of two (or three depending on the husband's mood that day!).  Natural things I do to boost my energy include:

*Exercise - nothing gets me moving like a good jog.  Its rare that I come home and sit on the couch after a jog.  I feel like I wasted that entire time just to inhale calories so then whola I'm up and cleaning and doing laundry and other things I hate.  It helps me be productive too!

*Apples - seriously.  I'm not sure what it is about them, although I don't get full, they give me some kind of natural fuel to get moving.  Even better when dipped in Nutella and peanut butter.  Mmmmm.

*Vitamins - I feel sluggish if its been more than a few days without taking my multi. 

*All natural drinks.  If you are a 5 hour energy guzzler PLEASE STOP!  I've found a new product that I love - SPARK.  Try it!  Advocare's vitamin line is all natural and full of goodies.  Read about it on their website and even make direct orders through Advocare.

Pink Ribbons - Breast Cancer Awareness

Is it fair that companies are slapping the Breast Cancer Awareness label and products linked to breast cancer?  This is ATROCIOUS to me.  Who lets them use that sticker anyhow? Just say no to their funding if they are a cause.  Everyone knows that health eating and exercise are the #1 preventatives for cancer of all types so why would you think I thought some processed junk in a box would help prevent it?  I'm not that dumb.  And I hope you aren't either.

On a happier note, this year will be Launa's second year participating in the walk and Charlie's first!

To read about all of the great topics visit Health Child's Website.

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