Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lucky by Alice Sebold

Although I received this book from my mother in law, I would have eventually read it since I LOVED Lovely Bones by Sebold.  I was enthralled from the first paragraph and description of the rape and finished the book in three days (245 pages!).  Thankfully I have not went through this experience myself but have way too many friends who have and its great to see their thinking process and helps to know eventually if it happened to someone close to me again the things they may or may not want you to do and say in the situation.  The book is a true story so although I felt at times Alice wasn't dealing with the issues that were brought up, that's what happens in real life and its not always easy to move on.  Her adult life eventually reached some good times and she obviously became a gifted writer in life.  Overall I would say if you are a woman - READ THIS BOOK.  LOVED IT.

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