Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY: Handmade Christmas Idea - Baby Suckers

I saw this project on another blog and thought it was simple enough that Launa and I could do it together.  We do not actually have anyone to give these to for Christmas so we are taking our stab at putting them at the local consignment shop to see if they sell.  Who knows, maybe these are my ticket to millions! (sense the sarcasm?)

We made suckers for babies (or baby shower favors, presents, decor) which are really washcloths to give out.  They are SIMPLE.

I purchased a package of thin baby washcloths, craft sticks, decorative small gift bags and had ribbon on hand we used.  Total investment less than $10.

Step 1: Fold washcloth into thirds, roll up.

2.  Pin it to stay shut.  Put
3. Put craft stick into center

4. Wrap decorative bag around and use twist tie to secure.

5. Add ribbon for embellishment.

Boy suckers:

Girl sucker basket:

Simple. Cute. Easy. Cheap.

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Wonder said...

this is such a cute idea :). this is my first visit. happy day to you!