Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear Eye Care Associates

Dear Eye Care Associates,

First I would like to express that its quite a deal you have going with VPS.  VPS is the crap poor man's hideous basically non existent  eye coverage that my husband's life sucking employer job generally gives us along with our crap poor man's hideous basically non existent medical insurance coverage as a "perk."  A "perk" that costs us about $100 EVERY WEEK for just him and myself.  This does not include our two children.  (Oh sorry I digress this was not a rant about health care or the husband's job.  Back to the story.)

Its a great hook up you have with VPS.  I call them to make sure I know which providers are covered and they will pay the WHOPPING measly 20% of the bill.  You are the first they mention so I make my appointment.  The husband and I both get STANDARD eye exams and I get a contact exam and sample to try out.  I go to the desk to make my follow up for my contacts and am told the price.  AFTER VPS.  $340.  That's right.  Did you know America's Best will give me exactly what you gave me for $60!!  NEVER again will I even attempt to use a VPS provider.  Obviously I saved...ZERO.  It actually cost me $220 to go to you.  You have friendly staff but not THAT friendly.  F off.  Thanks for making me use 1/3 of my flex for the year to get repaid this OUTRAGEOUS amount.  Jerks.


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