Thursday, February 17, 2011

CSN Stores Product Review: Tabletop Convection Oven

 I was STOKED when CSN STORES asked me to do a product review.  The husband has been checking out new counter top convection ovens for awhile but my tightass frugalness kept denying him for the purchase.  They can be pricey folks!  However, CSN came just in time, in fact about two hours before he clicked "Buy Now" on Ebay.  So for HALF THE PRICE we are reviewing this counter top convection oven.   It lists for $89.89 on CSN's website.  Isn't she a beauty?

For some background information this is our old convection oven: AKA the Cyclonic. 

Note: Made of plastic. 
Grease leaking out of lid.
Therefore, FAIL to clean.  The heat will kill any germs left on it from the last meal right?

Digital touch display for time and temp.

Ahhhh!!!! Uncleaned inner grates.  BARF.

Now for the NEW oven. 

Beautiful glass outside.  See through sides. 
Negative:  These grates are HUGE.  Small things (e.g., jalapeno poppers) can potentially fall through, making them subject to the grease pile at the bottom of the bowl.  Wasting food.  You know I don't like to do that!

Check out this 5 POUND pork roast.  It fits in here nicely.  The oven is LARGE. 
This can be a negative or positive in your mind.  My husband (who likes to cook for 8 though we are a family of 4) LOVES the size. 

See! Huge roast barely touching the sides.  And it so deep it wouldn't matter how tall your meat is.

**Glass bowl.  Dump it in the dishwasher and you're done cleaning!  (I despise cleaning anything of any sort.  It just feels like a waste of my time.  WHEN I win the lottery I will hire someone to do all of these tasks for me.  It will be glorious)
**You can eat fried foods WITHOUT the fry smell, mess, or calories.  Boo-yah.
**Pork roast is moist on the inside, crispy on the outside.
**Its glass.  You can see your food without opening the lid.  (Granted our old one was BROWN before it was so disgustingly dirty you just can't tell in the current pics)
**PRICE.  Check out this chart I located from a site for saving on electricity.

(degrees F)
Energy Used
Electric oven
1 hr.
2.0 kWh
Gas oven, electric ignition
1 hr.
0.112 therm
+0.35 kWh
Gas oven, pilot
1 hr.
0.112 therm
Electric oven, convection
45 min.
1.39 kWh
Toaster oven
1 hr.
0.33 kWh
7 hours
0.70 kWh
Microwave oven
15 minutes
0.36 kWh

**Grates too large of spaces between them. 
(The husband already has a plan to take his beef jerky making kit (used once btw) and cut those grates into a circle shape to fit in here to solve this problemo)
**HUGE.  (If you have limited counter space in your 800 sq ft house its not cool finding a spot for this thing)
**You have to put the lid on a wire rest kind of thing since its so hot.  This just annoys me.  I also haven't figured out how to lock the handle to make this process easier.  HOWEVER I haven't read the directions, why would I?

Overall, LOVE this product and DEFINITELY recommend it to save you time, money, and all important calories.  At a cost of $89.89 you can't beat it.  Check out Here.

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Stacie said...

I never even knew there was such an appliance. I just got my CSN Stores pillows and Cuisinart Ice Cream maker. I can wait to try them out!