Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 Good Reads

So I blogged about 25 books that I read this year and was impressed because I know there were some I read before March too so I'm impressed.  Somehow though my "to read" pile seems to be growing.  Darn yearly library book sale!

Anyhooo...thought I'd let you know my top 3 faves in case you are looking for some good reads here soon.

#1 - The Noticer by Andy Andrews.  This was a great book that may give you a new perspective on life in general, all the while telling a great story.  Its not your typical self help book but I think it does just that without intending to.

#2 - River, Cross My Heart - about losing a sister in the decades past when it was still a white vs black war.  Its a great tale.

#3 - Ten Big Ones - I haven't read a Janet Evanovich book I didn't like.  For some reason I haven't read a lot of this year but I know I have a few on my shelf just waiting for me....


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