Friday, November 12, 2010

Movie Reviews for your Weekend

A look at our recent Netflix Que and some inside thoughts on the movies for your reading pleasure! (Each title goes to a description of the movie since I can't seem to get the DVD covers to show up).

Righteous Kill: Starring Pacino and DeNiro.  A GREAT movie about 2 detectives who are investigating serial murderer going around and targeting other criminals who have not received punishments that fit their crimes.  Great plot, great characters, great ending.  ****

In Bruges: Starring Colin Farrell.  I was not engrossed enough to sit and watch the entire movie but its basically about hit men who are ordered to lie low and wait for further instructions.  Don't worry I didn't miss the Colin Farrell sex scenes, kill scenes, HOTTIE MCHOTTIE scenes.  I'm not sure I care if Colin Farrell movies are any good as long as he is in them with a shirt off some time.  The hubbs didn't like the movie so I'll rate it ** for that factor since I didn't watch.

Marmaduke: Starring Owen Wilson.  I got this to entertain some the kids during the JEWELRY PARTY  and we watched it as a family later.  It was a super cute family movie that managed to entertain all of us.  ****

Miss Conception: Starring Heather Graham.  A story about a woman who wants to have a baby and her boyfriend doesn't so she basically tries to be a huge HUSSIE to get pregnant and in the end its all feel good.  Didn't really enjoy this very predictable movie. **

Summer Catch: Starring Jessica Beil (sans bra for most of the movie for you perves!).  A movie about a small town kid trying to make it big in baseball.  I'm a sucker for sports movies and this is no exception, especially with a little love story in there. ****

Alvin & The Chipmunks -Launa's BIRTHDAY movie choice.  We all love this one. ****

We are expecting some REAL DOOZIES for movies coming up as the Hubbs figured out how to adjust the movie Que after I was INTERVIEWED by a local newspaper about our Netflix usage (PS, the Hubbs name is really Chad, Evan must be a typo if you read the article). There may be more blood and guts next time (and therefore lots of bad reviews).

Have you seen any good movies lately that you'd recommend? Let me know!

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