Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Day....

 Today was my work from home day but due to computer issues that weren't fixed until mid afternoon I got a lot of organizing, cleaning, laundry, and ebaying done!  So I am up late doing actual work now but taking a break to blog.

I'm doing my best to eat healthy at home (that seems to be my weak link not work).  I'm also trying to get in more exercise than just my Wednesday night class (this is THE CLASS I never miss for some reason).  So here is how my day went for my tummy:

Breakfast:  Cinnamon Oatmeal add raisins, milk

Snack:  Water & Half off a Cookie and Cream Hershey's Bar (I FORGOT I LOVE THESE UNTIL TODAY.  BOO ON YOU HALLOWEEN CANDY BOWL.)

Lunch: Carrots, Chili w/cheese & onions, Pepsi
Snack: 2nd half of Cookies & Cream candy bar (OOPS...OK NOT REALLY LOVED EVERY SINGLE BITE OF IT)

Dinner: PBJ, Oranges, water (Hubby wasn't home to cook but Little Lady scarfed this down.  We NEVER have PBJ)

Between cranky baby and trying to get work done (oh and dog running away. AGAIN), I managed to get 20 minutes on the Gazelle.  Hey its a start!
Night Y'all!

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